Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bauchi state petrolium product monitoring commitee has start action

The petroleum product monitoring committee established by the bauchi state government has start action with warning to both major and independent petroleum marketers association of Nigeria to strictly adhere to government regulated price of the sell of the commodity, chairman of the committee captain abdulmalik ningi retired, gave the warning yesterday shortly after stating monitoring the conduct of the sell of the commodity in bauchi metro police and Dass local government area of the state.

the committee monitor the conduct of sells of the product at some filling station which include YANARI OIL, FORTE OIL JOS ROAD, NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROILIUM CORPORATION (NNPC) MEGA STATION JOS ROAD, AHAMIS NIGERIA LIMITED, and AYM SHAFA along yelwa round about in all the filling station visited with the exception of NNPC the committee chairman directed them to immediately address the situation by adding more pump, saying the comitee will note condole on wholesome behaviours among the petroilium marketers, at some filling station the committee inquired on the quantity of fuel they receive recently from various deport across the country in attempt to authenticate whether they brough it to bauchi state.

At NNPC mega station the chairman of the committee captain ningi challenge the manager on the need to closely monitor the activities of pump attendance at the station who allegedly receive a token from black marketers to stare the commodity, according to captain ningi the management of the filing station need to join hands with the committee to ensure constant supply of the product in the state.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after monitoring the exercise captain ningi appeal to major and independent marketers to strictly adhere to government price saying whoever found one thing will pay the full tax of the law. During the visit on similar mission at dass local government area of bauchi motorist and mortorcyclist at HAMZA AHMAD filling station captain ningi challenge them not to sell the product in gallon and above government regulated price saying the committee will not hesitate to shutdown any filling station who fail to adhere to the comitee warning.

Captain ningi also pledge to support any filling station that order the product and yet to receive it.

How to use Linkedin to get your desired Job for Job Seekers

How to use Linkedin to get your desired job

We are now in the era of social networking which now makes the whole world a small village. We have many social networking sites nowadays like facebook, twitter, instagram, googlepus, Linkedin, Myspace, Blackplanet, etc. Facebook is the most popuar among these. Most people visit these social sites to just comments, uploads photos, share selfies and all sort of trivial activities.
Very few people know about Linkedin and worse still very very few knew how to effectively use it to achieve their major aim; get their desired job.
In this post we will be discussing how to use Linkedin to land that your dream job. Before saying more, kindly visit their site at
Linkedin is a social networking site created mainly for professionals where they share skills and advertise job offers. It connects professionals worldwide into one platform.

Signup at Linkedin
Visit and signup or Join. You will need to sign up using your name, email and password.

Edit Your Profile
Your profile speaks volumes about you. Most employers who visit Linkedin usually look at profiles. You will have to dedicate much time to editing your profile. You will just do it once. Remember that you can always update your profiles by adding/removing qualifications, certifications, experiences, etc

Upload your Photo
This is one of the most important part of editing your profile. You photo means your prospective employer would be able to recognize you when you are invited for interviews even without asking you. Also many employers will only connect with people with photo in their profile. It also proves that your identifiable and as such be trusted to some levels.

Connect with people who work in organizations you want to join
 For instance you want to join UNICEF. Just search for employees of unicef in the search box and you will see many. Send them a “connection request” some may reject your request but if your profile is very good, many will accept your request. By connecting with such people, you stand a good chance of joining their organization. Most importantly connect with the human resource managers/officers of your desired organizations. This is because some human resource personnel usually post advert of vacant posts in Linkedin.
Join Relevant Groups
In Linkedin there are several groups relating to different areas of life. We have groups relating to health, technology, etc

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why you should be Self Employed than being an Employee

We are now going to discuss why it is very important for you to be self-employed than being an employee in another organization.
You will have peace of mind
Yes you will definitely have some relative peace of mind compared to when you are working for someone or another organization. The risks, profits and loss will all be determined by you. In some organizations, an employee can be out rightly sacked or suspended for a small bad mistake. You have heard of employees sacked for posting some things in the social media. When you are self-employed nobody can sack or suspend you except yourself.
You are now the boss
As the owner of the company every other employee is answerable to you.  You control every aspect of your business.  No major decision(s) can be taken without your approval.
You are more determined and passionate for business success
You will be more eager to achieve great success with your business within the shortest possible duration. Sometimes, you may make your employees to be more committed to business objectives in order to achieve business short term and long term goals.
You have freedom to implement new innovations
You will have freedom to apply new innovations and technologies to your business without having to wait for a long time to get approvals. These innovations can be in areas of marketing, product development, customer satisfaction, and so on.
The society will value you more
Self-employed are generally more valued and appreciated than employees of other organizations. You will the respect and admiration of many. You will serve as source of inspiration to many people both young and old.

The list is endless. So if you are an employee, I think it is high time to start planning about your personal business. What do you think?

How to Start The Business of Your Dream

Owning and running your business is what every reasonable person will hoped for. The rates of unemployment worldwide is on the increase. There are many advantages of you running your personal business or company. We will discuss these advantages soon. But here, we are going to outline the various steps needed in order for you to actualize your dream business.
I am going to take my time to explain each step using simple English and makng my explanation more comprehensive and concise.

1.    Be passionate about being self employed: yes I mean it. For you to be more successful in any business adventure you have to be more passionate about such business. For instance, you can hardly be successful running a packaged water business while you are more passionate about computers and tech stuffs. A real life example is Bill Gate the co-founder of Microsoft corporation. He is more passionate about tech stuffs and he dived into same area of business. Every passion can always be turned into a very profitable business. All you have to do is to find out how?

2.    Create Your Business Idea: your business idea should be smart, realistic and unique. Avoid engaging into same business just because someone else has been successful doing it. You need to do proper research, planning and feasibility studies about your proposed business idea to know if it is feasible. Here, also involves you doing wider consultations, attending seminars, etc.

3.     Write down your Business plan:
Your business plan is just like the blueprint or direction of your business. In your business plan you may specify the financial cost of starting such business(es), the number of manpower needed, the equipment and raw materials needed, the destination of your business, where you want your business to reach in few months/years’ time, and so on. It just like your map which gives you direction towards your desired destination.

4.    Register your business name
Registering your business means giving your business an identity or a name. it is just like domain name for a website. You will have to register your business with the appropriate authorities within your country. For instance in Nigeria you will have to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). You may need the services of a lawyer to complete your business name registration. Also, application fees may be paid by you.

5.    Obtain Other Licenses and Permits
This actually depends on the nature of your business. Some business will require you to obtain some licences and permits before you can embark such business. For example, in Nigeria before you can start a packaged water company, you will have to obtain permit from the National Agency for Drug and Food Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Without obtaining such licences and permits, you might face persecution and fine.

6.    Get An Office Space/Apartment
Having conceived your realistic business idea, created a business plan, registered your business and obtain all necessary permits and licence, then it is time for you to acquire a physical location address for your business. This you can do be either searching it yourself or informing friends who would help you get a location or talk to reputable housing agents. This will be the address people or customers will visit when they want to visit you. Having a physical location has a very good advantage and gives your customers the confidence to do business with you.

7.    Start your business
Yeah you can now start your business. While you are doing your business, you will have to develop a good marketin plan for your business. This will create wider awareness for your business to prospective customers or investors. One good way to starting a good marketing strategy is by creating a website for your business. Many businesses and organizations are now creating their websites where people can visit to read more about their businesses. You can also advertise your business website using google adwords facebook ads, Linkedin ads, etc.

Happy business venture!!!

Why It Is Important To Always update Your CV

The need to always ones CV can never be over emphasized. Updating your CV should be done by both the employed and the unemployed. Very soon we are going to discuss how to update your CV. But here we are going to discuss why it is important to always update one’s CV.

You will stand a better chance of getting a better job position. Yes, I mean an employer will rather employ a person with a more updated and recent CV/resume than one whose CV is outdated. For the employed, you will have a better and higher chance of getting that job that was advertised internally within your organization.

Also, recruiters and employers of labor are always seeking to recruit and employ candidates with a better and more updated CV. Some recruiters will look up at your Linkedin profile in order to see your educational background and/or experiences.

On a daily basis, some organizations are cutting cost b mostly downsizing the number of their staffs. So for the employed with a more updated CV, he/she may not be sacked by their organizations while employees with outdated CV may be affected.

Updating your CV will provide you with the needed confidence to face an interview panel during your job interviews. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The non governmental organization (NGO) of the state is to partner with bauchi state television authority (BATV) in woman empowerment

The Non governmental organization in bauchi state, sustainable economic empowerment initiate by the wife of the state governor hajiya hadiza abubakar has solicite for the collaboration with bauchi television authority to empower women in the state, the wife of the governor who was represented by DR dije bala during a coutesy visit was to familiarize with bauchi television authority and seek areas of collaboration toward achieving the objectives of the nongovernmental organization (NGO) which include the provison of health care delivery to mothers and to empower women participation in agriculture through creating market for their product.

other objectives according to her include girl child drop-up and promote piece, hajiya hadiza muahammad says sixty (60) percent of the women realy solely on their husband for survival and though non governmental organization will be available to support their families responsibility.

The managing director of bauchi television authority (BATV) alhaji Ibrahim idris shal, said the organization is fully ready to partner with the NGO in archieving its objectives to provide free airtime for the project, alhaji Ibrahim idris shal also said BATV will setup to promote any objectives yet toward improving life of citizen with the NGOn

The Bauchi State primary health care development agency begins distribution of essential drugs to under five childrens

The state primary health care development agency has commence the distribution of essential drugs for the treatment of under five children valued at 10million naira the free drugs are part of government effort to reduce the dead of under five children and continues the government five point health point agenda . according to newsmen the istribution of the essential drugs to selected primary health care centers is aimed at reducing the under five mortality and mobidity from each of the twenty (20) local government area of the state are to receive this drugs.

Acting chairman of the agency DR yahaya yarima say over 1.2 million under five children are expected to benefit from the free drugs, he noted that the program target three most killer diseases that include malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia. Drugs include vitamin, supplements and medical consumables, the chairman said health facilities to a selected base on cluster and the number of patient that attend to seek medical services.

The state government he noted that had agreed to ensure access of mothers and children to reproductive maternal new born and child health services including access to quality and cost effective life saving drugs in line with the five point health agenda, DR yahaya yarima said the exercise is the first for under five children noting that 10 million naira was expanded to procure the commodity, he warn healthcare providers to administer the drugs on the target group only while all ward development committee are expected to closely monitor the use of the drugs, the state deputy chairman ward development committee abdullahi lawan kafi said various structures which in place on the state level will put an eye on how this drugs will be utilized, he commanded government for the free drugs saying it will go along way to assist under five at the rural area.

In primary health care center tashan babaye bauchi, yusuf haruna spoke to newsmen on behalf of benefiting facilities promise judicious use of the drugs.

Friday, November 6, 2015

independent petroleum marketers association of Nigeria, appeared before the state house of assembly Bauchi yesterday

The state petroleum monitoring committee ministry of commerce and industry as well as leadership of the independent petroleum marketers association of Nigeria, appeared before the state house of assembly Bauchi yesterday, according to the house sitting the state house of assembly primarily presided order by the speaker kawuwa Shehu damina receive the stakeholders on petroleum matters who where to appeared before the house on 8/11/2015 the primarily was earlier collapse into committee of the hole to attend the visitors.

The speaker kawuwa Shehu damina stated that the house invited the stakeholders to overcome the scarcity of petroleum in the state he said one cannot be judge until when he listen to all side saying there is a reason the house demand for them to appeared and intimate the house with information on the issue earlier speaking the chairman of the state petroleum product monitoring committee captain abdulmalik ningi retired say the committee was form only last week Friday and started monitoring the sell of the product just yesterday according to the chairman the duties of the committee include monitoring and maintaining the government regulated price and looking for ways of supplying the commodity. 

Captain ningi retired noted that problems associated with the supply of the commodity is anonymous which need the federal government intervention also briefing the house, the state chairman of independent petroleum marketers association of Nigeria ALHAJi rabiu muhammed baba said as independent marketers are getting 90 percent of their supply from major dealers he said they are suppose to get the product at the rate of 77 naira per liter and sell it at 87 naira per liter but now they are getting the product at about 90 naira per liter and after transportation and other logistics the amount rises to about 100 per liter there were questions and comments from the members of the house.