Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to use Linkedin to get your desired Job for Job Seekers

How to use Linkedin to get your desired job

We are now in the era of social networking which now makes the whole world a small village. We have many social networking sites nowadays like facebook, twitter, instagram, googlepus, Linkedin, Myspace, Blackplanet, etc. Facebook is the most popuar among these. Most people visit these social sites to just comments, uploads photos, share selfies and all sort of trivial activities.
Very few people know about Linkedin and worse still very very few knew how to effectively use it to achieve their major aim; get their desired job.
In this post we will be discussing how to use Linkedin to land that your dream job. Before saying more, kindly visit their site at
Linkedin is a social networking site created mainly for professionals where they share skills and advertise job offers. It connects professionals worldwide into one platform.

Signup at Linkedin
Visit and signup or Join. You will need to sign up using your name, email and password.

Edit Your Profile
Your profile speaks volumes about you. Most employers who visit Linkedin usually look at profiles. You will have to dedicate much time to editing your profile. You will just do it once. Remember that you can always update your profiles by adding/removing qualifications, certifications, experiences, etc

Upload your Photo
This is one of the most important part of editing your profile. You photo means your prospective employer would be able to recognize you when you are invited for interviews even without asking you. Also many employers will only connect with people with photo in their profile. It also proves that your identifiable and as such be trusted to some levels.

Connect with people who work in organizations you want to join
 For instance you want to join UNICEF. Just search for employees of unicef in the search box and you will see many. Send them a “connection request” some may reject your request but if your profile is very good, many will accept your request. By connecting with such people, you stand a good chance of joining their organization. Most importantly connect with the human resource managers/officers of your desired organizations. This is because some human resource personnel usually post advert of vacant posts in Linkedin.
Join Relevant Groups
In Linkedin there are several groups relating to different areas of life. We have groups relating to health, technology, etc