Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why It Is Important To Always update Your CV

The need to always ones CV can never be over emphasized. Updating your CV should be done by both the employed and the unemployed. Very soon we are going to discuss how to update your CV. But here we are going to discuss why it is important to always update one’s CV.

You will stand a better chance of getting a better job position. Yes, I mean an employer will rather employ a person with a more updated and recent CV/resume than one whose CV is outdated. For the employed, you will have a better and higher chance of getting that job that was advertised internally within your organization.

Also, recruiters and employers of labor are always seeking to recruit and employ candidates with a better and more updated CV. Some recruiters will look up at your Linkedin profile in order to see your educational background and/or experiences.

On a daily basis, some organizations are cutting cost b mostly downsizing the number of their staffs. So for the employed with a more updated CV, he/she may not be sacked by their organizations while employees with outdated CV may be affected.

Updating your CV will provide you with the needed confidence to face an interview panel during your job interviews.