Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why you should be Self Employed than being an Employee

We are now going to discuss why it is very important for you to be self-employed than being an employee in another organization.
You will have peace of mind
Yes you will definitely have some relative peace of mind compared to when you are working for someone or another organization. The risks, profits and loss will all be determined by you. In some organizations, an employee can be out rightly sacked or suspended for a small bad mistake. You have heard of employees sacked for posting some things in the social media. When you are self-employed nobody can sack or suspend you except yourself.
You are now the boss
As the owner of the company every other employee is answerable to you.  You control every aspect of your business.  No major decision(s) can be taken without your approval.
You are more determined and passionate for business success
You will be more eager to achieve great success with your business within the shortest possible duration. Sometimes, you may make your employees to be more committed to business objectives in order to achieve business short term and long term goals.
You have freedom to implement new innovations
You will have freedom to apply new innovations and technologies to your business without having to wait for a long time to get approvals. These innovations can be in areas of marketing, product development, customer satisfaction, and so on.
The society will value you more
Self-employed are generally more valued and appreciated than employees of other organizations. You will the respect and admiration of many. You will serve as source of inspiration to many people both young and old.

The list is endless. So if you are an employee, I think it is high time to start planning about your personal business. What do you think?