Friday, July 1, 2016

The Bauchi State primary health care development agency begins distribution of essential drugs to under five childrens

The state primary health care development agency has commence the distribution of essential drugs for the treatment of under five children valued at 10million naira the free drugs are part of government effort to reduce the dead of under five children and continues the government five point health point agenda . according to newsmen the istribution of the essential drugs to selected primary health care centers is aimed at reducing the under five mortality and mobidity from each of the twenty (20) local government area of the state are to receive this drugs.

Acting chairman of the agency DR yahaya yarima say over 1.2 million under five children are expected to benefit from the free drugs, he noted that the program target three most killer diseases that include malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia. Drugs include vitamin, supplements and medical consumables, the chairman said health facilities to a selected base on cluster and the number of patient that attend to seek medical services.

The state government he noted that had agreed to ensure access of mothers and children to reproductive maternal new born and child health services including access to quality and cost effective life saving drugs in line with the five point health agenda, DR yahaya yarima said the exercise is the first for under five children noting that 10 million naira was expanded to procure the commodity, he warn healthcare providers to administer the drugs on the target group only while all ward development committee are expected to closely monitor the use of the drugs, the state deputy chairman ward development committee abdullahi lawan kafi said various structures which in place on the state level will put an eye on how this drugs will be utilized, he commanded government for the free drugs saying it will go along way to assist under five at the rural area.

In primary health care center tashan babaye bauchi, yusuf haruna spoke to newsmen on behalf of benefiting facilities promise judicious use of the drugs.